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Saturday, July 21, 2018
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Kangook Classic Gallery

Kangook Classic : more than a concept, and more like a state of mind!

With the originally unique concept of having three identical interchangeable cage sections, the Kangook PPG presents itself as a novelty.

  • Innovative design (5 attachment systems on the same frame for all piloting styles)
  • A custom designed Sup'Air harness for maximum comfort and movement freedom
  • Solid, safe and ergonomic. Double hooped cage able to take well over 300 lbs of load when flat on the ground over the spinning prop
  • Easy and fast assembly
  • 16,5 litres gas tank
  • Hand throttle with cruise control
  • Comparatively light

  • The structural frame and double hooped cage are made of aluminum tubes 3/4 (19 mm) and 1/2 (12 mm) offering extreme resilience in case of contact. We decided to implement such a design in order to facilitate take-off with a trike and powered foot launch: the propeller is totally protected by the cage - giving the pilot an additional safety level at all time. Furthermore, if the glider collapsed during the take-off phase, the double-hoop would protect it of direct contact with the propeller. Entirely made of aluminum alloy T6, the Kangook PPG is comparatively light with the Polini engine + Sup'Air-Kangook harness and 16,5 lt. gas tank. The same harness can be used for the various attachment systems. The Kangook - Sup'Air model definitively brings the utmost comfort level to the pilot.

Kangook Standard Parts With Frame

Kangook Attachment Gallery

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4 Cage Designs

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Kangook Classic