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Saturday, July 21, 2018
Looking for RSUltra Products? We have them. We are a licensed RSUltra Kangook dealer.
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Kangook Lite Gallery

Kangook Lite - The Lightest PPG On The Market

It’s one of the lightest PPG on the market while keeping the design of original Kangook (entirely made of Aluminium T6)

  • The design is the same 3 piece cage section but is a single hoop design to save weight
  • The Harness is a superior paramotor harness and is of high quality
  • Standard 9 liter tank with the option to upgrade to a 16 liter
  • Weight, ready to fly with a Polini Thor engine : 19.5 kg
  • Available engines : Top80, FlyEvo, RM80, PA125, R80, R120, Polini Thor, ROS 100/125,HE r 90 and HE 125 , moster 185 These motors are the lightest and most powerful for their weight, you can easily to powered front launches without fear of a broken propeller
  • Hand throttle with cruise control
  • Comparatively light

  • Kangook lite is the only paramotor on the market that have 3 identical cage pieces that are interchangeable making it the easiest to assemble. They are also the only one to supply 4 options for hang points on the same frame, allowing the frame to be adapted to any pilots desires. This is also a great resale feature. Advise us of your choice when ordering. The lite throttle can be supplied for the left or right hand, again let us know your preference when ordering if using Lite Frame remember you only have the option for a 132cm lite cage when ordering a Lite frame , has direct engine attachment not interchangeable, comes standard with a 9 lts gas tank and lite Throttle

Kangook Standard Parts With Frame

Kangook Attachment Gallery

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4 Cage Designs

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Kangook Lite